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We regard online security as our top priority.

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Global Multicurrency Funds Solution

Instant fund deposit and withdrawal in major global currencies. Enable 24/7 convenient fund transfer by simplifying the international multi-currency transaction

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Fund Isolation and Independent Keeping

Corporate Banking Account

EBC has Barclays Corporate Banking Account which requires a minimum turnover of £6.5m, strict financial audits and background check. Adhering to CASS, EBC group (UK) has customer funds held at a custody account through Trust Letter to ensure safety.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Enable all-rounded security of client funds. Minimize the loss of funds with multiple professional indemnity insurances.

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Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

We support local bank transfer, international wire transfer, electronic wallet and crypto currencies etc.

Deposit Methods Supported Currencies Single Deposit Limit Deposit Processing Time Withdrawal Processing Time
Local Bank CNY, THB, VND, IDR, JPY, PHP, COP, BRL, MXN, SOL 110-29000 Immediate 1 Working Day
International Wire Transfer USD/EUR/GBP Unlimited 2-5 Working Days 1 Working Day
Digital Wallet USD 110-1000 Immediate 1 Working Day
Digital Currency USDT-TRC20/ERC20 50-10000 Immediate 1 Working Day
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Deposit and Withdrawal Conditions

After creating an account, you may access to your payment preference through our User Center.

Specific procedures:

Simply login to your User Center, and click on the green “Deposit” button on the left of the interface.
Step 1: Select the account you’d like to deposit in as system prompts.

Step 2: Then select the payment method by using the button on the right of the payment method table.

Step 3: State how much you’d like to deposit into your account.

The system may prompt you to enter the currency of the deposit you’d like to use or other options. EBC account provides you with various options for base currencies, including the most commonly used CNY, USD, GBP and EUR.

Please carefully read all of the instructions, terms and conditions and if you agree, please make sure that you check the box that says “I have read all instructions and agree with terms and conditions of payments operations.”

【Click Submit】

If you fail to deposit by using your debit card, please try to deposit again, while checking if:

– Whether you have entered your card information correctly.

– Whether you are using a vaild (not expired) card.

– Whether you have sufficient funds on your card.

– If there’s no above-mentioned problem, you still fail to deposit, it may mean that your card issuing bank does not authorize payment from your card.

In that case, please use another card or any other payment method available in your trading account.

Our account department processes funds withdrawal request everyday, so you may make your funds withdrawal request at anytime you wish. The withdrawn funds will be transferred to your specified bank account. Upon the failure of transfer, the withdrawn funds will be returned to your trading account’s wallet. Please note the actually processing time of wired transfer will be depended on the processing banks. Please consult the bank for details.

Please make sure the ratio of prepaid deposit is still over 200% deducting the withdrawn funds while holding positions. Otherwise we won’t be able to proceed with your funds withdrawal request.

EBC do Not charge any fees for using our deposit and withdrawal methods, but some costs may occur in payment you make to or from certain international banking institutions, which is beyond our control. Besides, pleased be noted that your bank may consider the payment to EBC as cash advance, and may bill you according to your cash prepayment rules.

No. EBC does not accept third-party payments. Please make sure that all deposits into your trading account are from your own account. If the holder of a trading account is a party to a joint account, payment from the joint account will be accepted.

If we suspect that the funds are provided by any third party, we will reserve the right to refund the remitter’s money, freeze your account balance, and suspend your application after the identity and fund source are verified. We will reserve the right to freeze, and you will not be allowed to withdraw funds from your account balance before the verification.

EBC do Not accept fund withdrawal to a third party bank account. If there’s any special situation, please contact us.