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$200,000 Cash Prize
Cash Prize
3rd – 5th
Cash Prize
6th – 10th
Cash Prize
Current Ranking
Net Value
Total Deposit
XU LIANPING 1213626 58154.9 500 11630.98% Check
WUPUER ABUDUSHALAMU 6291074 50646.32 515.96 9815.94% Check
ZHENG XIAOMING 1213509 14793.66 500 2958.73% Check
4 HE MEIBING 1213031 12935.63 500 2587.13% Check
5 LI XIAOHAN 1213719 10900.5 500 2180.1% Check
6 WANG LUN 1213348 7731.72 500 1546.34% Check
7 ZHAO YONGLIANG 6291279 5600.1 500 1120.02% Check
8 LI YILING 6291277 5105.5 500 1021.1% Check
9 CHEN QIAODI 1213585 4998.2 500 999.64% Check
10 ZHAN XINFENG 1214116 4345.67 500 869.13% Check
* Ranked according to the yield of competing accounts during the competition period. Yield = Net Value / Total Deposit.
Competition terms

1. The activity time is from 00:00:00 on January 30, 2023 to 23:59:59 on April 30, 2023 (GMT+2);

2. Contestants need to open a new trading account during the event period and register the trading community to post signals, and deposit more than $500, no limit to the number of participants' accounts;

3. In order to be open and fair, the account must be registered as a signal party in the trading community to display transaction records, but it does not need to be open to follow;

4. According to the revenue ranking of participating accounts during the event, the reference value of revenue performance = net value/total account deposit;

5. Account types are limited to STD and PRO, PAMM accounts cannot participate;

6. Each participant can participate in the competition with no limit on the number of trading accounts, and the ranking will be based on the best score;

7. If the champion chooses a trading account reward of 1 million US dollars, the maximum loss can be 200,000 US dollars;

8. In order to ensure the fairness of the competition, in case of hardware failure of the server, orders caused by uncontrollable factors such as wrong quotations sent by the bidder, all orders will be regarded as invalid orders;

9. EBC has the right to cancel the qualification of the violating account;

10. EBC has the final interpretation right of the rules.