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EBC offers a customized Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) for fund managers and investors in search of professional account management services. Through the web version back office, investors and fund managers can access comprehensive functions such as trading capital management, profit distribution, detailed formulation, and trading record downloads. The web version interface is user-friendly, with a clear layout and comprehensive features.

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Clear Responsibilities


Enjoy a seamless trading experience and benefit from the expertise of fund managers. Investors have the freedom to select fund managers based on their risk tolerance and profit objectives. The inclusion of high watermark clauses serves as an incentive for money managers while safeguarding their rights.

Fund manager

Traders with extensive trading experience can qualify as PAMM account fund managers. Fund managers have the ability to manage multiple trading accounts simultaneously, utilizing their own funds as well as the pooled funds from investors to trade and generate profits. A portion of the trading profits or costs serves as remuneration for the account fund managers' services.


We offer comprehensive solutions that encompass daily information management, trading lot/profit distribution, and record downloads. The web version back office is designed to be concise and clear, effectively simplifying complexity.


Up to 9 languages

Enhanced fund security and seamless transactions

2 Mainstream profit distribution methods.(distribution by net value and distribution by balance)

High water mark incentives for fund managers Protection of investors

The web version is designed to be concise clear and user friendly

Provide 5 profit methods for fund managers(profit share/management fee/annual management fee/ per lot commission/per order commission)

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