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Order flow analysis tool
If you can know when and where institutional traders in the market are making what types of trades, you can relatively accurately determine which direction the market will move in.

Unlike traditional two-dimensional transaction data of time and price, order flow adds "real-time buying and selling order volume" to focus more on the trading behavior of "large institutional market participants". By analyzing the main force's capital behavior in the market depth (such as accumulation and distribution), it achieves "follow the mainstream participants" and improves "trading success rate".

Order flow is an essential trading tool for Wall Street and other professional institutions like Goldman Sachs and UBS. It was voted as the "Most Popular Trading Method" by Futures Magazine in 2019.
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Order Flow - Data chart of institutional market participants
Personal version
A fresh understanding of the market chart, providing a micro-level display of the volume of market's active buying and selling transactions
The behavior of institutional funds is in the charts
Real-time market depth data of tape reading
Institutional version
Direct connection to CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), real-time tick data for the top ten levels of the order book. It allows you to get closer to real market objective data and capture order book dynamics in a timely manner.
Real-time market depth data of tape reading
Institutional version
Intuitively display market supply and demand relationship, easily identify market sentiment
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