Pure Trading Pure Power
Trading is proving exceedingly hard, perhaps a final push is needed.
Unparalleled market access level
Ultra-low latency IT infrastructure
Keep pace with the world.
Technology empowers trading, EBC within 20ms of each transaction
EBC dedicated servers are set up in Equinix LD4, HK3, TY3, NY4 to build worldwide coverage for the financial ecosystem.
EBC dedicated servers are set up in Equinix LD4, HK3, TY3, NY4 to build worldwide coverage for the financial ecosystem.
Technology empowers trading, EBC within 20ms of each transaction
Hyper-converged infrastructure brings up to 98.75% system stability and availability based on software-defined computing, storage capacity and network.

In today's financial market, speed means profits, and agility is essential for the profitable transactions.

We established transaction servers in the world-leading data center Equinix LD4, HK3, TY3, NY4. Our global ultra-high-speed dedicated connection minimizes interregional delays, so that our customers would enjoy a more stable trading environment.

Firewall restriction and congested international network result in a low-quality trading experience. We equipped nearly 30 DCs (including disaster recovery servers) ,and all the servers in Europe and Asia are connected through a dedicated financial line with peer-to-peer networking.

Compared with traditional servers in Europe and Asia, the delay in EBC from London to Asia is controlled within 100ms, while the transmission time from London to Asia offered by traditional brokers is over 270ms, which is undoubtedly most beneficial to the customers in Asia.

We are acutely aware that the key to success is the entire situation, not limited to software technology.
We ensure the best liquidity in the trading market, so that you may achieve more flexibility, while obtaining more Multi–Asset Liquidity .
Driving You to Succeed
Professional and leading financial technology makes trading with infinite possibilities
Minimizing risks and maximizing trading opportunities
EBC's ultra-low delay aggregation, intelligent order routing and quotation optimization engine provide you with higher reliability and optimum order execution.
Trading server
Aggregated quotation
Order transmission
Liquidity pool
Focus on trading, and don't worry about IT infrastructure, operating system, network and hardware. We have considered what you concern about — optimum liquidity and excellent order execution .
According to the filled orders of the first 5 levels of depth, EBC only needs 75-125ms to complete the transaction
Discover Prices & Transfer Orders
EBC uses FIX (Financial Information Exchange Protocol) to aggregate interbank currency quotes to provide customers with direct access to the markets with optimum liquidity. The quotes aggregated through dedicated physical HUB hardware bring lower spreads and sustainable trading opportunities.
Product spread and depth charts after aggregation by EBC bridge
Bid Volume
Ask Volume
EBC Trading Black-Box
Trading black box, with optimum,accurate sell-order algorithm Enabling more than 85% of orders filled at a better price
EBC trading black-box developed based on the data from tens of millions of historical transaction data, trader's trading habits, user's attributes, and other factors, current market condition and trading environment, etc., makes comprehensive researches and judgments by making statistical analysis on big data and using probability models, neural network models, system control theoretical models and artificial intelligence algorithms, etc., to finally match the LPs more suitable for the attributes of each trader, so as to achieve an optimal trading price.
EBC trading black box, based on tens of millions of historical trading data, traders'trading habits,user attributes and other portraits,the current market situation and trading network environment,uses large number statistical analysis,probability model,neural network model,system control theory model and artificial intelligence algorithm to conduct comprehensive research and judgment,and finally matches the LP that is more suitable for each trader's attributes, Achieve the best transaction price
The following distribution diagram demonstrates the comparing results between EBC trading black box and traditional trading system (containing at least 100 orders):
  • each data point represents a day's transaction
  • the horizontal axis indicates the transaction rate of the order
  • the size of the point represents the relative size of the order quantity
  • the vertical axis indicates the optimization rate of the transaction price
This experience confirmed that EBC trading black-box is far superior to the traditional trading system in terms of price optimization rate, order transaction rate and algorithm stability.