The US dollar rose broadly on Tuesday


The US dollar surged Tuesday on expectations of prolonged high interest rates, while the Australian dollar fell despite China's LPR cut.

EBC Forex Snapshot

20 Feb 2024

The US dollar rose broadly on Tuesday on mounting expectations of higher-for-longer interest rates in the US. The Australian dollar dropped despite China’s latest decision to lower LPRs.

The RBA stood pat on its first meeting of the year on cooling inflation, weaker-than-expected jobs and consumer spending reports while signalling further tightening is still possible, minutes of the meeting showed.


The country’s benchmark rate is lower than many other developed nations where inflation are more tamed. Its 425 bps of hikes in the current tightening cycle trail both the US and New Zealand’s 525 bps.

Citibank vs. HSBC Currency Pair Data Comparison

Citi (as of 5 Feb) HSBC (as of 20 Feb)

support resistance support resistance
EUR/USD 1.0724 1.1139 1.0681 1.0885
GBP/USD 1.2487 1.2827 1.2481 1.2738
USD/CHF 0.8333 0.8728 0.8620 0.8954
AUD/USD 0.6500 0.6900 0.6449 0.6618
USD/CAD 1.3379 1.3552 1.3372 1.3595
USD/JPY 146.09 148.80 147.03 152.03

The green numbers in the table indicate an increase in data, the red numbers indicate a decrease in data, and the black numbers indicate that the data remains unchanged.

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A wave of risk aversion swept over markets on Friday

A wave of risk aversion swept over markets on Friday

Markets experienced a wave of risk aversion on Friday as reports emerged of Israel attacking Iran, prompting investors to seek safe-haven currencies.

Currency pressures persist on Thursday

Currency pressures persist on Thursday

On Thursday, the dollar weakened while pressures on other currencies persisted. Strong data dampened expectations of Fed rate cuts in June.

Pound rises from fall to rise

Pound rises from fall to rise

Fed Chair Powell's comments on Wednesday drove a modest dollar gain, citing limited progress on inflation goals. Traders predict a 40-bps cut by 2024.