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The EBC Multi Account Manager (MAM) is designed specifically for asset managers that provides them with the high level of control that they need to maximize returns. This solution provides a reliable way of cooperation for asset managers and clients seeking professionals to manage funds.

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Designed for MetaTrader 4

It is ideal for professional traders that manage multiple accounts utilizing Expert Advisors (EAs). MAM broadens the functionality of the MetaTrader 4 Platform by enabling the asset manager to effectively trade and manage multiple accounts with integrated software tools from a single MT4 interface.

Intelligent Transaction

MT4 MAM Software lets investors connect their MT4 accounts with a Master Trader and copy trades on the selected allocation methods, and allocate the transactions to different individual investors automatically. Account managers can execute transactions for multiple investors quickly, effectively, and accurately from a single transaction account.

MAM Function

Instant Change of Allocation Parameters

Real Time Control of Open Positions of All the Managed Accounts

Control All the Managed Accounts from a Single Interface

“Group Order” execution

Real Time Equity and P&L Monitoring of the Managed Accounts

Get Historical Reports and Calculate Commissions

Advantages of MAM

For any type of trading and asset management

Ten Allocation Methods including P&L Allocation and Trade Copier Allocation

Unlimited Trading Accounts

Trades – Full, Mini & Micro Lot Accounts

Max Precision of P&L Allocation up to 16 Digits

Any Order Types, Full SL, TP & Pending Order Functionality

Partial Close of Orders by Master Account Execution or Individual Sub-Orders

Allows Expert Advisor (EA) Trading of Managed Accounts from Client Side

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