What if the foreign exchange deposit bank doesn't record it?


Many investors often encounter this situation when withdrawing foreign exchange from domestic banks, where domestic banks do not allow them to handle foreign exchange entry transactions.

Many investors often encounter this situation when sending foreign exchange funds to domestic banks, which is that domestic banks do not handle foreign exchange entry operations. Below, we will introduce the solution for foreign exchange lending banks not to allow entry.

The main reason why foreign exchange withdrawal banks do not allow entry is because domestic banks have certain controls on foreign exchange. Many times, investors make foreign exchange withdrawals, and when the funds arrive at the local bank, they will be blocked by the bank. Investors are required to fill out proof of withdrawal or other materials at the bank before processing the withdrawal operation for the investors.

If investors encounter situations where the bank does not allow them to deposit their foreign exchange funds, they can directly consult with the bank's foreign exchange business processing point, which must be the foreign exchange business processing point. When it is necessary to fill in the source of funds, investors should be careful not to fill in their own investment income. It is best to fill in whether it is income from work or a refund from shopping. Usually, after the investor fills in this information, the bank will process the entry operation for the investor. If the bank still does not provide the entry, the investor can only request the bank to return the funds in the original way and then use a different withdrawal method to withdraw the funds.

The following measures can be taken:

1. Contact a bank or broker: Firstly, you should try to contact your bank or broker and ask why your withdrawal was not recorded. They may provide you with some explanations and help you solve the problem.

2. Provide relevant evidence: If you believe that your withdrawal has been processed but has not been credited, please provide any evidence to the bank or broker to support your claim, such as transaction records, emails, or chat records.

3. Complaint to regulatory authorities: If you are unable to resolve the issue through communication with banks or brokers, you can consider filing a complaint with the regulatory authorities. Each country has its own financial regulatory body, to which you can submit an appeal for assistance.

4. Seek legal assistance: Finally, if your payment amount is large and none of the above methods can solve the problem, you can seek legal assistance. Please consult a local lawyer for more advice and assistance.

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