List of the 2023 Non-Agricultural Data Release Timetable


Access the detailed 2023 Non-Agricultural Data Release Timetable. Plan ahead with important dates for upcoming non-agricultural data releases.

In 2023, the release of US non-farm data once again attracted the attention of global financial markets. The release of this data has become a highly anticipated moment for investors, as it directly reveals the state of the US economy and the health of the job market.

2023 Nonagricultural Data Release Schedule
Date Country Month Nonfarm Payrolls Release Time
6-Jan USA December 21:30
3-Feb USA January 21:30
10-Mar USA February 21:30
7-Apr USA March 20:30
5-May USA April 20:30
2-Jun USA May 20:30
7-Jul USA June 20:30
4-Aug USA July 20:30
1-Sep USA August 20:30
6-Oct USA September 20:30
3-Nov USA October 20:30
8-Dec USA November 21:30

Non-agricultural data in the United States refers to the three numerical values of non-agricultural employment, employment rate, and unemployment rate. It is a data indicator that reflects the employment status of the non-agricultural population in the United States and is generally referred to as a barometer of the US economy.

As the world's largest economy, non-farm data in the United States is more like a mirror of economic health, revealing information that affects the decisions of global investors. Over time, focusing on non-agricultural data has become a tradition in the financial industry, with people linking it to economic indicators in an attempt to predict future trends. In 2023, this tradition also seems to be evolving further, as the uncertainty of global economic environment changes continues to intensify and the publication of non-agricultural data inevitably faces more challenges and fluctuations.

2023 Non-Agricultural

The meaning of non-agriculture is not agricultural population or agricultural data. Non-agricultural correspondence refers to industries and the like.

The concept of agriculture is to utilize the natural productivity of land, cultivate plants, or raise animals to obtain the necessary products, which are agricultural production activities.

The above announcement time is for reference only, and the specific date may be adjusted due to holidays and other reasons. Investors and analysts can closely monitor relevant announcements during trading or analysis and promptly follow up on the latest non-farm employment data.

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