EBC wins the 2023 Best - Rated Broker Annual Award


EBC Financial Group won the "Best-Rated Broker" award in the "2023 FOLLOWME Trading Broker of the Year" selection.

Since its establishment, EBC Financial Group has always adhered to the principles of integrity and respect, connected traders with high-quality services, and won widespread praise in the industry. In the "2023 FOLLOWME Trading Broker of the Year" selection, he won the "Best-Rated Broker" award.

EBC wins the 2023 "Best - Rated Broker" Annual Award

Followme is an international community trading platform that supports the account connections of more than 4,000 traders around the world and provides professional services to millions of users every day. As the most watched award, the "Best-Rated Broker" award uses a multi-dimensional, comprehensive evaluation to select outstanding brokers that are loved by users.

1. Won the annual award for taking traders seriously.

In this selection, EBC took the lead in user interaction and experience, integrated word-of-mouth rating, and industry influence, and successfully won the award.

As an international trading broker, EBC has long been committed to building the strongest trading environment. While providing excellent order execution, institutional-level liquidity access, and diversified services, it listens to the voices of traders and provides more comprehensive security.

EBC has a professional customer service team to provide traders with 7–24 hours of service. In terms of diversified service construction, EBC simultaneously created an EA tool library and introduced the same order flow tools as Wall Street to provide customized tool support.

In order to comprehensively protect the financial security and rights of partners, EBC purchases professional liability insurance with coverage of more than 10 million US dollars from Lloyds of London and AON in the United States every year and joins the professional EDR agency. The Financial Commission protection fund provides each partner with additional compensation of up to 20,000 euros.

Cherishing the trust of every customer and actively building the strongest trading environment that is "safe, professional, efficient, and stable" is the reason why EBC won the "Most Rated Trader" award.

2. Create the strongest trading environment and build dialogue with investors.

EBC's top trading services are reflected in treating every investor sincerely and fairly to ensure that every investor can enjoy the strongest trading experience. This is also the basis for building mutual trust between EBC and its customers.

EBC connects to 25+ top liquidity, directly connects to the inter-bank market, and greatly improves price optimization through ultra-low latency aggregation, intelligent order routing, and quotation optimization engines. Relying on EBC's original trading black box and private room, the matching accuracy can be further improved based on liquidity aggregation, so that orders can be protected from sniping during transactions and obtain better liquidity quotes.

After optimization, more than 85% of orders can be traded at better prices on EBC.

EBC has long been committed to eliminating the information gap between traders and institutions, focusing on providing equal trading conditions for institutions and insisting on the quality of trading services, allowing EBC to stand out from many trading brokers and become a firm choice for investors.

It can be believed that in the future, EBC will continue to innovate standards, improve the trading experience by connecting with investors, and use actions to explain that "everyone who trades seriously deserves to be taken seriously."

Uncover the Reality of Tax Evasion with EBC and Oxford’s Department

Uncover the Reality of Tax Evasion with EBC and Oxford’s Department

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EBC Supports Oxford’s Upcoming Macroeconomics Webinar

EBC Supports Oxford’s Upcoming Macroeconomics Webinar

EBC Financial Group Pledges to Commit Corporate Social Responsibility through Collaboration with the University of Oxford.

EBC wins the Brokersview Most Transparent Broker award

EBC wins the Brokersview Most Transparent Broker award

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