EBC's David Barrett joins Finance Magnates on Video Interview


EBC Financial Group CEO David Barrett shared 2024 market insights and strategies in a Finance Magnates interview.

Jan 23, 2024 – David Barrett, CEO of EBC Financial Group (UK) Ltd, was interviewed by major financial media outlet Finance Magnates, shedding light on key market trends in 2024 and the tactics EBC Financial Group adopts in the highly volatile environment.

In this exclusive interview, titled “A Storm passing or one in the making?”, Mr. Barrett discussed multiple topics, ranging from the global market outlook in 2024, fluctuations in gold prices and interest rates, and strategies EBC Financial Group plans to implement in the uncertain market environment.

Mr. Barrett emphasised how EBC Group turns uncertainty in a volatile trading environment into a more favourable opportunity by being a trustworthy partner. It is believed that in a fast-paced and unpredictable market, having a reliable partner is crucial now more than ever. EBC Group understands the importance of providing reliable and secure services to its clients, who rely on the expertise and support of their financial partners. As market conditions continue to evolve, the group is well-positioned to seize the opportunities presented by the volatility, leveraging its extensive experience and industry knowledge to best support its clients. Barrett’s analysis and observations provide insight into the current state of the industry and valuable predictions for the future of the company.

EB CEO David Barrett was interviewed by Finance Magnates

“The group is poising itself for the long term, not the short term. EBC Group is here to help, not here to exploit,” said David Barrett in the interview. “I think the rising volatility again will mean more business, but people will need to be dealing with people that they can talk to and trust, which I believe to be a big part of the ethic of what the group’s doing.”

Barrett has dedicated over three decades in the industry, from tier-one banks in the old-fashioned trading rooms to establishing consultancy companies and businesses to help people grow. Currently, partnering with Chris Potts, COO of EBC Financial Group, Barrett continues to provide services to his clients in the financial industry.

About EBC Financial Group

EBC Financial Group, a trusted player in the global financial arena, operates with integrity and a client-focused approach, offering innovative trading services in forex, commodities and indices. In 2023, we earned Best FX Trading Platform and Best Trading Execution at the World Finance Forex Awards. Tailoring our services to the diverse needs of our clientele, we drive global growth through advanced infrastructure, swift order execution (20ms) and 24/7 customer support. Combining the proprietary features of the Private Room and Black Box with deep liquidity access, we equip serious traders with the right tools to achieve their trading objectives.

Our extensive international footprint has helped us to understand and navigate the nuances of varied local markets keenly all whilst upholding integrity and ethical practices as our cornerstones. For those seeking a partner marked by dedication, a client-first philosophy, and global insights, EBC Financial Group emerges as a clear choice in the dynamic world of finance.

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A Storm Passing or One in the Making?  - EBC’s David Barrett

A Storm Passing or One in the Making? - EBC’s David Barrett

In an exclusive interview with Finance Magnates in early November, David Barrett, CEO of EBC Financial Group (UK) Ltd.

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