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Creating a Tool Library to Meet Your Trading Needs

Quick overview

   4 asset classes         100+ trading instruments

Main Chart Overlay Tool

This tool allows investors to clearly know the relative strength of any K lines of two commodities in any period

Besides, this tool can also be used to identify the effectiveness of breakthroughs.
Two colors can accurately show the strength of a single K line.

It is an indicator tool for comparison of correlation between/among products, and it is located in \MQL4\Indicators folder.

Drag the indicator into the product cycle diagram that you want to compare, and change the name of the products you want to compare (in MT4 in SubSymbol).

MACD Pro Indicator

This is a MACD indicator tool commonly used for stock and future trading in China. Compared with the MACD native in MT4, it is more suitable for local trader in terms of habits.


It is located in \MQL4\Indicators folder                                Know about MT4

Common methods of using MACD: 

Top/bottom divergence — MACD divergence can be used by looking at the line or the bar. Take the histogram as an example, after the first and the second high points appear in the bar, the bar falls back to the lowest value between the two high points, in this case, a top divergence is confirmed. If the opposite situation occurs, it is called a bottom divergence. 

MACD is a complex indicator, so relatively personalized ways of usage can be derived, and investors may use it according to your own needs. 

 MTDriver Profit/Loss Statistical Indicator

This tool can help traders to accurately know their profit and loss in different periods.


Most traders have only a vague impression of their own profit and loss,  In this way, day traders, swing traders and long-term traders can all have a clearer understanding of their profitability. 

This tool, located in \MQL4\Indicators folder, is an indicating tool which records profit and loss in each trading day and helps traders to clearly track their daily P&L conversions.

Price Alert Mobile Push Notifications

Most investors have limited time to keep track of your trades, and as such a tool for price alert by mobile phone notifications can help them grasp market trends while avoiding some interference in markets. 

For example, investors who focus on swing trading may set a larger price change to avoid some smaller fluctuations. 


It is located in \MQL4\Indicators folder. Please enter parameters after pips, by following which  a notification will be pushed every time when the price increase by a certain pre-set parameter. 

The Mobile must be set to “True”. Then set the MetaQuotes ID in mobile phone in “Options – Notifications” in MT4.

One-key Closing EA

Operation interface, located in chart interface, enables investors to trigger stop loss more quickly and conveniently in case of any extreme situations. 

It is located in the \MQL4\Experts folder, including EAs which can close out long orders, short orders, and net orders with one key. 





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