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MT4 Trading Platform
MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the most widely used trading platform and has been considered the financial market standard for a long time, and it is also the most popular online trading platform so far.

 Trading platform to meet various needs

EBC MetaTrader4 platform, providing an intuitive and highly customized user interface, enhanced charting functionality, and detailed order management, as well as analysis and alert tools, is an ideal choice for you to keep pace with market changes in a real time,anytime anywhere.








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Traders can access to 3 different charts types, 9 different time frames, and 50+ pre-installed technical indicators and a fully customizable interface, which means that highly efficient position management and accurate market monitoring can be easily achieved, regardless of which trading style or system you are using.

You can download MetaTrader 4 directly on your smartphone or tablet and access capital markets anywhere anytime in the world.

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EBC will continue to join efforts with MetaQuotes to optimize our fiber network and servers to provide traders with a significantly improved execution speed and transparent quotations for all asset classes. 

Full Market Coverage

Access to 100 + trading instruments, including Forex, Stocks, Indices, and Commodities

Extreme Flexibility

You can access your MT4 account everywhere after logging in for only once. Mobile version provides functions including interactive quotation charts, a full set of trading orders, and popular analysis tools. 

Real-Time and Transparent Pricing

Every millisecond counts during trading sessions. Real-time pricing is offered by banks in trading system, with efficiency and transparency.

Advanced Chart Tools

Advanced chart tools enable you to make investment decisions in a faster and more accurate way after determining price.

Real-Time News

The real-time news from various capital markets worldwide enables you to master the first-hand market information. 

Fast Order Execution

It provides high-speed trading and real-time dealing orders. You can use S/L function to control loss or T/P to protect profits, no matter whether you are trading at market price or pending orders. It supports all types of trading orders, including market orders, pending orders, stop loss orders and tracking stop losses. 

Online Access to Accounts

You can check your position, balance, profits and losses, and other information and status at any time, and your current asset status is clear.

Safe and Reliable

All data between the platform and server are encrypted by using 256-bit data. EBC creates a secure and reliable trading environment for customers. 


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MT4 Trading Platform

Trading Around the World from a Single Account 

Explore the advantages of MT4 

EBC MT4 Mobile Apps

The combination of MT4 functions and mobile trading provides traders with the feasibility for more flexible trading. You can enjoy full trading functionality as you would through MT4 mobile apps, and will not miss any trading opportunities. You can check charts and the account history easily, place new trades, and close open positions, and much more. Stay on top of your trading and the markets, anytime, wherever you are.

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                 Download for iPad               

MT4 desktop Apps

Bring trading to the new level. Available for both Windows and Mac, the downloadable version is the most powerful version yet. With every feature available to you, the desktop app allows you unparalleled access to execute your trading strategies and keep up to date with every market event. 

             Download on Windows           

                  Download for MacOS             

EBC MT4 WebTrader

MT4 is available through web browser, compatible with all major operating systems, eliminating the need for downloads. It can be enjoyed by using any Internet browsers on any device. 

Wherever you are in the world, you can start trading within seconds directly from any web browsers. 



Download our MT4 User Guide to explore all the functions of MT4 

lnstall the MT4 terminal easily by using our Manuals to guide you through the process


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