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Company Profile

EBC Financial Group was established in the global financial center, London. Our teams are comprised of interdisciplinary and multilingual experts, specializing in global financial technology field, and core team members come from large securities firms, investment banks, and exchanges, etc.  We are committed to offering a trustworthy and foolproof online trading service to our diversified clients across the globe.

We obtain low latency and high liquidity across different classes of assets from a variety of entities (including tier-1 banks, MTF, ECN and 36 exchanges). EBC order-driven execution model provides customers with better liquidity, and focuses on continuously optimizing our quotes and reducing rejection rate.  

Simply by one EBC integrated account, you can trade a wide range of contracts for differences (CFDs), such as Forex, US stocks, digital currency, index futures , precious metals and energy resources, etc.  

Company Mission

Our core value is to proactively create the full range ofReal Valuefor our clients.

Monetary Value

To create personal wealth value 

Moral Value

To regard honesty and trustworthiness as a moral value

Experiential Value

To provide unique and appreciable user experience value

Our Partners

Every serious trader Deserves our serious treatment

EBC Advantages

Fund security

Client funds are a top priority for EBC. Your funds are held in segregated accounts with Tier-1 banks.
A range of secure, instant and easy options to deposit & withdrawal 

Licenses and regulation

The Group’s companies are regulated in some of the world’s most reputable financial jurisdictions.( ASIC in Australia, etc.)

Spread advantage

We comply with Best Bid Best Offer (BBBO) trading rules and provide clients with optimal quotes, which means that among all the trading products we provide, EBC offers clients the best spread. 

High execution speed and stable trading environment

Our MT4/MT5 trading servers are located in the world’s leading data centers Equinix, London LD5, New York NY4, Singapore SG1, Tokyo TY3, Hong Kong HK2, and our global ultra-high-speed connection of dedicated fiber line minimizes interregional delay, so 98.75% of our clients may have a stable transaction process. It will only take 20 ms for your order to be executed. 

Customized services

Our exclusive investment consultants can provide customized services for institutions

Technology improves transactions

We continue to develop a high-speed and stable trading, settlement and risk management system to meet global customer’s demands for investment management.  

 24/5 multilingual services with secured supports

We are operating 24-hour service center. Our professional customer service team are on call to answer any questions to provide you with 24-hour services throughout your trading course.

One-stop support services

Our award-winning automatic AI analysis and intelligent investment consultants provide variety of analysis insights covering technological, fundamentals and sentiment analysis based on artificial intelligence algorithms and big data. Additionally, we can assist traders of all skill levels to manage position in a comprehensive way.




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